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Yesterday, when I picked up Roree from my sister’s house, she was shirtless and sweaty.

Roree, not my sister. ;)

It turns out they were dancing to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. It is, apparently, Roree’s new favorite song. Ironic, isn’t it? My little grumper guss’ favorite song is called “Happy.”

Roree Dancing to Happy
Roree Dancing to Happy

Typically, the drive from my sister’s house to mine (which is only about 10 minutes, if that) is a little shotty since Roree starts getting cranky just in time for me to pick her up. I’m constantly trying to find ways to entertain her during those few minutes. This time, I pulled up my Grooveshark App on my phone and played the song. She sang and danced to it the entire time. I died of cuteness.

That probably tops all the things that I heart recently, but here are a few more:


Items I ♥

Items I heart

Clean & Pure Countertop Water Filter
We’ve had this for awhile and I’ve loved it since the day we got it, but I never posted about it. We spent years using a PUR water filter, spending money all the time on replacement filters, so when I came across this, I fell in love. For only around $50, you pretty much have a water filtration system you never have to change.

It’s earth-friendly and cost-effective! We just keep using it to refill a jug of water that we keep in the fridge instead of using water bottles.

Intex Easy Set 10′ X 30″ Swimming Pool with Filter Pump
We are SO loving our Intex Easy Set Pool. We have the 10ft/30″ pool that is the absolutely perfect size for Roree. She can walk around in it without the water going above her head. I’m able to float around and get some much-needed weightlessness-time (not to mention cool off in this wretched heat).

All three (four?) of us are able to fit comfortable in this pool with room to spare and we do it often as it wears Roree out and she adores it so much she sings the whole time she is in it!

I also love that it comes with a filter and it is pretty easy to maintain.

3-Tier Wire Shelving
My sister-in-law told me about her dresser work-around that she uses for her daughter and I decided to do the same for Violet’s room/ play room. Since we were severely limited with space, this was the perfect idea for us that didn’t involve having to buy a dresser.

We purchased two of these wire shelves and some fabric storage bins (8 total, 4 on each shelf) and put them in the closet. It looks great, was easy to put together and was cheaper than any of the dressers we were looking at originally! We also saved a lot of space since the room is so small and it is also doubling as a changing room.


I ♥ JT


  • He gives the BEST massages and rarely complains when I request one
  • He lets me rest when I’m exhausted after work because a certain toddler woke up at 12am asking for milk


I ♥ Roree


  • She imitates the dance moves in the “Happy” music video
  • She makes me say random people (and things) names as I’m singing her bedtime song to her


Links I ♥

Links I Heart

1) Baby and Toddler Swing DIY from A Beautiful Mess
Must. Make. This.

2) Plan and Prep: Salad in a Jar from Fitnessista
Does anyone else greatly miss McDonald’s Salad Shakers? Because I sure do. This is a great alternative!

3) Zucchini Tots from SkinnyTaste
These look so good, I can almost taste them.

4) 5 Essential Oils I Use Daily from Wellness Mama
The uses are endless!

5) Mini Magazine Notebook How To from A Beautiful Mess
Must do this IMMEDIATELY! This is perfect for making little notebooks that I can keep in my purse or car.

6) Fabric Planter DIY from A Beautiful Mess
I probably wouldn’t use this as a planter, but as storage bins for Roree’s toys or other things in her play room or my office!

7) Portable Activity Kit for Little Travelers from Mama, Papa, Bubba
This would be an absolutely perfect addition to the backpack that I take with me anytime I go anywhere with Roree. I imagine this would be great for restaurants!


Quotes I ♥

“There is a voice inside all of us that sings a brave little song. If you can’t hear yours, find your volume button and turn it up.” – Tiffanie DeBartolo

“So rapid is the flight of dreams upon the wings of imagination.” — Alexandre Dumas

“Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.” — Leonard Cohen


Random Things I ♥

Randomly winning a Gymboss timer from one of my favorite blogs!
I’m really excited to use the Gymboss Timer when I start really working on getting back in shape after Violet!

The fact that if I log into Google Chrome from anywhere, all my preferences and bookmarks are loaded!
This is something, I’m sure absolutely everyone knew aside from me up until yesterday. I left my laptop charger at my parents’ house and won’t see it until Thursday, so I had to use JT’s computer. That is when I realized the glory of logging into Google Chrome!

Like-minded MomFriends
It really does take a village to raise a child and I’m noticing more and more how important it is to keep friends around who are like-minded in their parenting style. It makes it so convenient when you ask for advice and get several responses that are aligned with how you want to raise your child.

What are you loving this week? What are some of your recent Pinterest/internet finds?

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  1. Taina says:

    How do you always win everything? And the most random thing! Lol.

    Love Roree’s hair. But I did notice as it’s gotten longer and she’s gotten older she was starting to a tiny bit look like you….but with her hair she’s back to being all JT!

    If Roree was “Miss Fancy Drawers” does that make Violet “Miss Fancy Shelves?” Lol

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