This is me peeking up from the edge of the Earth where I dropped off.

Did you miss me? :)

Though I recently updated for Thanksgiving, I thought it’d be a good idea to attempt to post a bit more regularly in an attempt to refine my time management skills.

I’ve been going to bed lately at around 7pm every night like the apparent 90 year old that I am. It is Roree’s bedtime and since I nurse her to sleep (and tend to be tired by that time anyway) I just stay in bed. I do admit that sometimes I actually do fall asleep right away, but most of the time I stay up and read blogs or a book or watch something on Netflix via my phone. My goal is to be a tad more productive as I lay in bed, so here I am writing a blog post. I’m hoping to use this time to either blog, read or write in my journal. We’ll see how it goes. I foresee some major goal-mapping in my future.

In any case as most may know, I started a new full time position that I’m absolutely in love with. After being burned… I mean… laid off of my last full time job, I have this constant fear in my gut that at any moment someone is going to pinch me and I’m going to wake up from my dream job. The bright side of that consistent unease is that I am very conscious of the impermanence of everything… I appreciate it more, I don’t let things get to me nearly as much and I don’t take a moment of it for granted.

Yes, it is difficult not being with Roree all day long and I miss her every second I’m away with her. Yes, waking up at 5am is really exhausting when I still nurse Roree throughout the night. Yes, getting organized and preplanning meals/outfits/lunches/time so that I am on time every morning is very tedious. And, yes, getting myself and a toddler fed and ready in the morning by myself without being consistently late all while not looking/feeling frazzled is a huge effort.

But, I am truly happy. I’m excited to go to work everyday. Excited about what the day will hold. I’ve even found myself disappointed on a Friday because I won’t be able to go in the next day (then I remember I can spend the day with Roree and it makes up for it.)

Not many people I know can say that.

And, well, it definitely helps to have two steady incomes. Freelancing was nice, but frankly, this is a lot nicer.

Though my weekdays are dedicated to work and prepping (Literally, I wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, cook, play with Roree, prep for the next day, sleep, repeat) my weekends have been packed with fun things.

Most exciting of all? My brother moved back to Florida! I’ve been spending even more time (and plan to) with family lately because of this and because of the holidays. All four of The sibs got together for what may have been the first time we all managed to go out together. We had dinner at Carrabba’s and saw Catching Fire.


Dinner was delicious and fun, though, as usual when The Sibs hang out, I got picked on. I made the mistake of leaving my purse on the bathroom counter and had my sister watch it for me while I used the restroom. Both sisters ended up packing it full of paper towels and an entire bottle of soap without my knowledge, so I inadvertently stole it. I actually needed soap for my bathroom, so the joke is on you, Marissa and Taina! Well, and I guess, Carrabba’s, too.

The movie was great as expected. I’m have a bit of a girlcrush on Jennifer Lawrence.


Big brother and I took my niece, nephew and Roree to the Glazer Children’s museum earlier in the week. It was slightly chaotic, but very fun. The museum is pretty incredible and had plenty of stuff for all of the kids to do. Though, I dare say that hanging out in the park behind the museum may have been a tad more fun for Roree. She decided to be Miss Independent and roam around far from us. I let her because I always had a clear view of her and I didn’t see any immediate danger.


Thanksgiving was as fun as predicted. We ended up staying at my sister’s house almost all night. We sentimental meal on Friday at my house for the sole purpose of having fiendish amounts of leftovers. (Mission: Accomplished) I made the entire meal … After Black Friday shopping of course.

I boycotted going on Thanksgiving…I used to work in retail and I really think it is ridiculous to make those poor clerks work when they should be spending time with family…however, I have to say it was fantastic getting to Old Navy, then Walmart at 6am and it not being chaos.

JT is not a Black Friday fan, but there is something about it that makes it feel like Christmas season to me. And to answer your question, yes, I am overly sentimental. Tyler Durden would be ashamed of my consumer-driven ways.

In any case I scored big time at Old Navy. Everything was 50% off and I got Roree some much needed clothes along with myself a couple of dresses for work all while saving $127. I also stayed within my Black Friday Budget. Woot!


In the world of Roree, a lot has changed. She is suddenly SUCH a toddler now. She is walking all over the place, talking and signing a lot more, and, of course, throwing hilarious tantrums. Seriously, I have to try not to laugh sometimes when she gets mad. It definitely had been interesting. I feel like these toddler years are really my first taste at conscious parenting and shaping the person who she will become. When she was a newborn and infant it was mostly about meeting her needs and communicating to her through affection and attention.


Now, I’m explaining to her why we draw on paper and not on our legs (even though Aunt TT drew a smiley face on her toe) and showing her that I understand she is upset and frustrated, but it still isn’t nice to yank on the cat’s tail…and that I’m sorry but the book doesn’t open that way, you have to turn it if you want me to read it.


She is also showing off a lot more and doing things just for a laugh or round of applause. The kid cracks me and JT up.


All in all, though it is busy, life is good. Great, even. And I’m so thankful for it.

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  1. Lyn dePadua says:

    Yeah, I started the Drawing a Face on the Toe thing … So what?
    One of the hardest parts of parenting is discipline. I was undoubtedly too much of a softie but, thank God, you all turned out spectacularly inspite of that fact.
    Shall I list all the things you and your sibs got into? ( think cutting hair, pea shoved up a sibs nose, make up all over the face, flour coating an entire kitchen ….). The list goes on.
    Enjoy every last minute of it.

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