A Week In The Life…

Happy Sunday!

It has been an exhausting week around here… so why not talk about it?


- Happenings -

As I mentioned before in a previous post Roree has been sick for this past week, which threw everything into a bit of a whirlwind. (My living room shows the after effects >_< ).

Sleep has been basically non-existent. It still amazes me; my ability to still somehow function even when I’m lacking so severely in sleep.

Roree has been restless, waking every hour, sometimes nursing, sometimes whining. Most recently she has been nursing every hour at night - I think she is making up for her lack of appetite earlier in the week. While I’m happy she is finally nursing (she started refusing when she couldn’t breathe through her runny nose), I still miss sleeping for more than an hour straight.

I ended up taking her to the pediatrician on Thursday since this cold seemed to be relentless. She wasn’t getting worse, but she wasn’t getting better. When I called to see if I should even bring her in, they suggested I should since her appetite waned.


It turns out… she has RSV.

My pediatrician called it a “Fancy chest cold.” Which it, thankfully, has been for her so far. It can be very scary for newborns or high risk babies, though, so I’ve quarantined myself from my friends. I think it is extremely important to be a responsible friend and parent in that way. Just because I may miss my friends or be “bored,” doesn’t mean I need to spread around illness irresponsibly.

So, basically, my week consisted of a lot of snot, work, cuddling, cool mist, essential oils… and no sleep.

This weekend, however, has been great, so far.

Roree seems to have turned a corner. Not so much snot and coughing and she is in good spirits…. For my little grump, anyway.


Yesterday, after a trip to the Farmer’s Market for some produce (and maybe some italian ice) and a stop at Greek City for some lunch, there was a surprise party for my niece. She is turning 10 and has always wanted a surprise party.

It was perfect timing because my brother’s family is officially back in Florida, so my other two nieces were able to surprise her!


And surprised, she was. She is the sweetest little girl on the entire planet and I was so happy to see her so thrilled.

I went to the party by myself while JT stayed home with Roree since there were other kids present. Later, my brother and JT went to see the new Hobbit movie and I brought Roree over since the other kids left.

She had a great time playing with her cousins.

Today is more of a productive day.

Roree had us up bright and early (though JT let me sleep in a bit), so we decided to go to grocery shopping first thing.

Did you know Publix opens at 7am, everyday?

I’ve officially decided that shopping freakishly early is the greatest idea ever. It gets it out of the way and the store is nice and quiet. Also… Roree can be crazy and run around without annoying too many people.

JT played outside with Roree when we got home, then she started crawling into her bike trailer saying, “Up! Up! Up!” So he took her on a ride while I put away groceries and prepped food for the next week.

Today’s meal prep items:

Larbar balls.


this is a good recipe. I actually just used dates, almonds and peanut butter. These are perfect for curbing my sweet cravings during the week and Roree loves them, too! They’re also super easy, if messy, to make.

Mixed Bean Salsa/Salad.

Mixed Bean Salsa

I first had this at a Samhain celebration and could not stop eating it. Seriously, my friends and I just gathered around and ate it endlessly. I thought it would be perfect for snacking during the week and to bring to my work for our Christmas potluck. Recipe to come.

Ranch Dressing and Honey Mustard Dressing.

Ranch and Honey Mustard
I always save glass jars so that I can use them for things like this!

I totally make up the ranch dressing. It’s basically plain greek yogurt, mayo, dill seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and fresh lemon. You can find the recipe for the Honey Mustard Dressing here.

Meatballs in marinara.

Meatballs in Marinara

I totally made this recipe up and it turned out AMAZING! I’ll have to measure next time and post it on here.

Roree hung out in the kitchen with me for a little while, snacking on shredded chicken, sunflower seeds, Yogis, and crackers.


Until she was over it.

She was tired, so JT put her on his back while he did dishes and I continued with prep.

It was awesome being done with all of that before 10am.

My sister stopped by for a few hours, then we played outside, took a nap and played outside some more.


JT picked up all the… manure (dog poop) in the back yard… so, it has been a lot of fun being able to let Roree wander around freely in the yard while the dogs run around and JT and I toss a ball back and forth. Occasionally, Roree interrupts him and I playing and we have to share. Hehe.


Now, I’m about to snack on some left over hummus, then nom on some of my delicious meatballs! (they were totes supposed to be for some lunches next week, but instead Roree and I had them for meals today… improvising!)


{Things to Come}

Next week is going to be a tad hectic at work since we are preparing for the Winter Break. I get to work from home during the break, which is super exciting!

We are also having a little potluck at our office “cottage” on Wednesday, as I mentioned earlier. Hopefully everyone likes the Mixed Bean Salsa! It’s usually a party hit! Healthy, filling and delicious! The great thing about the salsa is that the longer it marinates, the better it is.

The upcoming weekend is pretty clear… still staying away from friends with littles so we don’t pass along Roree’s germs, but will likely spend some time with family.

I also am DETERMINED to have a garage sale. We have so much stuff that needs to be sold, so there will be a lot of tearing the house apart.

There is a fun little alumni gathering that my school is hosting on Sunday that I may stop by to. I’d like to get familiar with the alumni and snap some pictures. The events my school puts on are always incredible!


{Goals for Next Week}

Start implementing an exercise plan. It’s been REALLY hard finding time to work out, so I’m going to split my workout throughout the day. I’d like to join a gym near work so that I can go during my lunch break and after work occasionally. We’ll see!

Keep on track with my eating habits. I’ve been cutting out the bad carbs. It was working out well before Thanksgiving, then I purposely took a break to indulge in some Thanksgiving goodness, and now it is back to the drawing board. I give myself 2 cheat meals a week – it really helps keep me from giving up completely when I have a meal filled with massive amounts of bread to look forward to :)

Spend a lot of focused time with Roree and JT. This is always a goal, but especially so when I’m working. I’m away from her all day, so it is important that the quality of time we have together makes up for the quantity. Same goes for JT.

Purge all unnecessary things for the garage sale! Time management has been a big issue for me lately, and from what I’ve read, one of the best ways to manage time is to live more simply. First step? Purge unnecessary items. It is harder than it sounds.

Clean while purging! Nuff said.


What was your week like? What are in your plans for this coming week?

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