Full of Grate-ness

It has been quite awhile since I’ve updated and what better time than for good ole’ Turkey day? A day in which I have epic novels to write, but try to edit it down a bit.

Like Valentines Day, Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where I like to take a moment out of my hectic schedule to appreciate the things I am grateful for all year long.

I don’t scoff at giving thanks on this one day out of the year because I like to think that I appreciate all of these things the whole year through… it’s just nice to have a day dedicated to truly taking a moment to soak it all in. To realize just how good I have it.

I could easily make a list that is pages upon pages long (it may or may not consist of a couple CW shows), but instead I’ll keep it to just my Top 4:

  • My family
  • I’m fairly certain no one on the planet has a family quite like mine. I talk about it constantly, but it is worth repeating, I am so grateful that I was born into a family full of my best friends. I love that when we get together, it is guaranteed to be entertaining. I love that they are all I need to be truly happy. I love that I truly know the meaning of unconditional love. I love that my daughter gets to grow up with these people around her. I love that JT fits in with those insane, but awesome family members so well.
    And when I say “My family” I mean my little family as well. I’ve had so many Publix-commercial-sweet-family-moments, I’ve lost count. I live for the moments in which JT and I crack up laughing at the silly little girl who knows exactly how to wrap us tightly around her chubby little finger.

  • My job
  • Not just in a because-it-pays-the-bills kind of way, but more in a because-I-have-to-pinch-myself-to-make-sure-this-isn’t-a-dream kind of way. I love the atmosphere, the setting and the incredible people I work with. This is the first time I’ve ever worked for someone I truly admired. I compare how I am inspired by her to how I was inspired by Kerstin when I first took her class, and we all know how that story ended. More than anything, though, I love that I managed to find a position that allows me to do absolutely everything I enjoy doing. From writing to designing and even photography and videography. I feel greatly appreciated and not at all overlooked, which is, in and of itself, amazing.

  • A life that makes being optimistic easy
  • I must have been a freakin’ saint in another life to deserve the one I have now. Things are just imperfect enough to let me truly appreciate the abundance of good that is in my life. There are just enough road blocks and bumps on this journey to make me appreciate the scenery as I go. I’m lucky and I’m lucky that I know it…and am grateful for it.

  • True friends
  • It almost seems unfair that I should have such incredible friends when my family seems like more than enough for one person, and yet I do. Friends who inspire me, who move me, who motivate me, who are there for me, who I can go weeks (sometimes even months) without seeing in person and yet still connect. Friends who would do anything for me if I asked… and vice versa. Friends who negate all the other times I’ve been burned by toxic friendships. You know who you are – thank you for being the antidote. <#

This Thanksgiving, for me, is going to be nearly a week long and frankly, I’m OK with that.

Tomorrow I am heading to my sister’s house for a late Thanksgiving lunch, then hopefully heading to Haven’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. I, of course, am excited to spend time with The Fam, but also to see Haven. I’ve missed a lot of my momnerd friends since I started working full time again. It’ll be nice to spend some time with her!

Friday JT and I are having our own little Thanksgiving lunch at our house for the soul purpose of having leftovers. I may or may not do some Black Friday shopping… we’ll see. Roree does need some cold weather clothes and I need more work clothes, so… who knows!

Saturday we are heading to my parents’ house to have some ham and visit with my aunts and uncle.

There is a lot on my plate the rest of the week (har har), but I’m excited!

… and hopefully this is the beginning of a trend in actually updating my blog!

(But don’t count on it)

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  1. Lyn dePadua says:

    Love the whole article, but especially the last line of the Family paragraph.

    You’re right in all you say about the family, that JT totally fits in this family, and I thank God every night not only for our family, but also the way in which we love and enjoy each other … Weird as it is, at times.

    It is said, in order to be a friend you have to act friendly. Also, a smile attracts a smile, kindness and love does the same. You have always attracted friends, and usually the best people possible. The main reason for that is because you are such a wonderful person, yourself.

    I thank God on this day and every day for my family. Just think, if daddy hadn’t moved thousands of miles across an ocean and continent and met a shy, introverted, in-her-head-too-much girl in NJ … This family would not have existed. Guess you can saiy … It was meant to be.

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