Late Night Sewing Party: Headband & Unpaper Towels

You may have been thinking to yourself, I wonder what Bri was up to at 10pm last night…and the answer would be, partying. As usual.

And by partying, I mean sewing.

Usually I’m working on a design project or cleaning or doing some other chore that has otherwise remained neglected.

Not last night.

On a whim, I dusted off the sewing machine my mom and Grammie got for me for my birthday…two years ago…and used it for the second time in my life.

The first time was a sad attempt at making a pillow that ended up failing because I forgot to leave an opening to stuff it. So, really it was just a square piece of fabric.

My sister gave me a brief tutorial on how to use my sewing machine a couple days ago, and after watching several YouTube videos on how to work it and getting overly ambitious via Pinterest, I started project #1: Unpaper Towels.

Unpaper Towels are basically reusable paper towels…. Or paper towel-sized kitchen towels. Whatever.

Since we are already doing the cloth diaper and wipes thing, I decided to look at other wasteful areas. Such as : Paper Towels.

And since I’m also all about cute frugality, I decided to make my own.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest and decided to go with it.

Ta da!

Don’t look to close, they really are terrible sewn! LOL!

I bought a couple yards of flannel (this is my favorite fabric for Roree’s cloth wipes) and then a few of the 97 cent fabric scraps at Walmart.

Those left me with enough fabric scraps to make a few headbands from each, along with one Unpaper towel.


I found a simple headband tutorial on Pinterest as well.


I have to say, although my sewing skills are severely limited, dare I say terrible, I still managed to create three functional unpaper towels and a headband in two nights.

It probably wouldn’t take anyone else near that long to make these items, but I have a baby who wakes up several times right after going to bed, very upset that my boob isn’t in her mouth at all times. Even when she is sleeping, so I am interrupted at least 3 times.

I also only have about 3 or so free hours before I start to turn into a pumpkin.

I plan on making around 20 or so unpaper towels, several more headbands and trying out some reusable snack bags once I get some PUL.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Lyn de Padua says:

    Make me some, in your spare to,e!

  2. Lyn de Padua says:

    Time … Whoops

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