Phosphene (A Poem for Mom)


You never taught me to fly
because on our drive way,
chin up, head back
feet firmly on the ground
we were there already.

You taught me to see with eyes closed.

It must’ve been then,
staring at the gentle, colorful explosion
of impact between evening & night.

You taught me dreams were in the daytime, too.

That night I wrote my first poem,
curled up beneath a baby grand
with a diary & crayon.
I’ll never forget the way your fingers,
brushed the keys and coaxed out a song.

You taught me music was a feeling, not just sound

More than a museā€¦ a reason
and the most important part
…of why I am.

Happy Mother’s Day, Marmy!

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  1. Lyn dePadua says:

    What a beautiful poem! Shockingly, I am typing this with tears in my eyes.

    Print it up for me, so I can tuck a copy of it in my basket full of notes, pictures, poems, emails from you and your sibs that I have kept over the years.

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