Things I Heart – MomNerd Edition – Age 0-3 Months

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Oh, the hectic and ever-exciting life of a new mom.

There are so many things I could not live without. Number one on that list is support from JT, friends and, of course, my family. Especially my big sisters who babysit Roree.

I’m no expert, but when it comes to parenting ages 0-3 months, I can now officially say that I am experienced! And it is from that experience that I am able to make this list of things I love that have helped me significantly these first few months of parenthood:


Cloth Diapers

A variety of brands and types of diapers


At home, JT and I both really love covers with flour sack towels folded up and inserted into them. When Roree is with Marissa, pockets are preferred because of their ease. As far as brands go, I don’t have an absolute favorite. We mostly use Alvas because I got a bunch of them for super cheap through a co-op and we have a flip cover that we love. I also love the covers, fitteds and pockets I’ve gotten from work at home moms.

Cut up receiving blankets as cloth wipes

Dollar store snack containers for coconut oil


Roree loves her little bumblebee snack container. She plays with it while I change her.

Large wet bags
These are super important to keep the room from smelling like dirty diapers in between diaper laundry days. It completely covers the smell. I also suggest purchasing multiple bags. We have one for Roree’s nursery and I have one on the way for my bedroom where Roree currently sleeps and one for Marissa’s house. I recommend Work At Home Mom brands – you can customize them. The first wet bag I got was from Nettie’s Hands.

*A note on sposies: though we only used them for a short time, my favorite diapers were Luvs and my favorite disposable wipes are Huggies Sensitive.


Bath Time Baby

Tummy Warmer Washcloth


This keeps Roree from getting chilly during a bath and it’s super cute. You could, of course, just use a wash cloth, but I love her little frog.

Hooded Towel


We did not have enough of these at first, more hooded towels was one of my first purchases after Roree was born. They look adorable and they keep her head warm during bath-to-nursery naked baby transport.



Play Mat


Marissa actually has an amazing outer space playmat that Roree loves. She can stare up at the moving parts and listen to the music. I even made up lyrics to the song that plays… don’t judge me.

Bag o’ toys


We keep a bag of toys next to the couch (or, most of the time, in the middle of the living room) full of toys that Roree can play with. When you have a baby that gets bored very easily, this is essential. She has a toybox in her room and I switch out the toys depending on the developmental milestones. Since she likes to grab soft things and put them in her mouth now, I have more plush toys. When she was a newborn, I had things that I could just hold up in front of her that lit up and played music or jingled.

Various colorful stuffed animals


Specifically she loves her purple elephant that Granny and Grandpa got for her. Probably because he is brightly colored and super soft.

Baby Einstein Baby Beethoven
Though this only occupies her part time, she still loves watching it! It also makes my Beethoven-obsessed mom happy.

Vampire Kisses
I finally heard Roree laugh when I was giving her “vampire kisses.” Basically I just nuzzle the side of her neck giving her kisses and making “nom nom nom” sounds. She LOVES it and always tries to turn her head and eat my face.


Sleepy time

Pack N Play w/ Bassinet


So, so, so important! This is where Roree sleeps (though she grew out of the bassinet part). It vibrates which soothes her when she’s a little fussy during the night. The bassinet was perfect when she was tiny and when she grew out of it, she just started sleeping in the bottom part.

Bouncy Chair


Being a paranoid new mom, I was deathly afraid that Roree would choke on spit up during the night, so I had her sleeping in a reclined bouncy chair for awhile (some bouncy chairs aren’t reclined enough for sleeping newborns, so make sure to check!).


Car rides

Random Red Egg


I have no idea where this thing came from, but it has a 90% effective rate at stopping or preventing crying fits in the car. I think it’s because it is so loud!

Car Seat Toys


Roree has a “Big girl carseat” now, but when she was in her newborn carseat that had a handle, the hanging car seat toys fascinated her.



Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp
Roree is not an easy baby to care for, ask Marissa who is a Mom-pro. Roree even keeps HER on her toes! This book truly helped JT and I when Roree was a newborn and cried for seemingly no reason. Now it’s easier to decipher her cries, but when she was little and all seemed like it should be well, this book really came in handy. Specifically the 5 S’s.

Swaddle Blankets
These only go up to 14lbs, so Roree no longer fits in them, but she also doesn’t need them anymore. JT and I sucked royally at swaddling with regular blankets, so these really helped a lot. We were able to get a tight swaddle every time with the help of Velcro and it soothed Roree.

She didn’t seem to like this at first, but I wore her for a little bit every day and now she takes her longest naps while being worn! Not to mention, you get to keep your little one close to you yet still have two free hands while they sleep. It’s like being in your belly again with the rocking and listening to your heart beat + skin to skin contact.


Baby carriers




Perfect for the first time wrapper!

Woven Wraps
Essential for warm weather. The Moby is the perfect introductory wrap because of it’s stretch, but eventually it makes sense to get a woven wrap since it won’t stretch out on you once the baby gets bigger. I have a beautiful purple linen wrap that a Work at Home Mom made for me as well as a beautiful Wrapsody Bali Breeze Size B in Morgaine print that I got used.

- Mei Tai


A bit easier to get the hang of than a wrap, but you still have the comfort and perfect fit of one. I have a beautiful FreeHand Mei Tai that I got from a consignment shop for $30!

This is my Going-Out-By-Myself-To-Multiple-Places carrier. The Ergo is very easy to use as it is a buckle carrier, but it is also safe and NOT a crotch dangler. (BEWARE OF THE CROTCH DANGLERS!) These are expensive, but I got mine used and it was in perfect condition.


Post partum ouches


Squirt bottle
Seriously, I would have held my pee indefinitely were it not for the squirt bottle the hospital gave me filled with warm water.

Petroleum jelly
Any sort of rubbing is not your friend. This definitely helped!

Numbing spray from the hospital
Believe me, the less you feel, the better.



Lansiloh pads
All the other kinds of nursing pads stuck to the sores on my nipples when I first started nursing. These were the ONLY ones that didn’t… The cloth nursing pads I used were great, but often got soaked through and moved around too much.

Nursing Tanks from Target
I had a few from Walmart as well, but the Gilligan O’Malley brand at Target are the best. The snaps are easier and the fit is better.

My Brest Friend
I accidentally got the “twins” version of this, but it works out great, Roree can lay on this without my arms as support and I have free hands to hold a book or other items.

This is more “portable” than the giant My Breast Friend that I got and I keep this one in the living room.

Lanolin cream
So, so, SO essential for sore nipples! And you don’t have to wipe it off before the next feeding.

Le Leche League
I don’t know how many times I called my LLL leader in the beginning. She was always available and answered all my questions quickly, sweetly and in a way that I understood. She also always offered to come over or have me stop by so she could show me in person. Not to mention the support of the other mamas in the group. It also helped that I got acquainted with everyone before I had Roree, so the relationship was already established not to mention they answered all the questions I had initially.

Lansiloh Milk Storage Bags
I used these more at work, but also at home before I went back. I always tended to be “overfull” in the evenings, so I would take a bath and pump at the same time. And when we were getting Roree used to a bottle, she would have one once a day and I would pump during this time. I love these storage bags as opposed to just using regular freezer bags because of the ounces shown and the space to put the date. Also, they’re cute.

Medela Pump
I got mine used and it has worked very well for me.

Hospital Bulb
We used this VERY often in the beginning when Roree would spit up and it wouldn’t all come out. NO OTHER STORE BOUGHT BLUB WORKS AS WELL. They all SUCK except for the hospital one.

I watched entire seasons of various TV shows while nursing!

Smart phone
Honestly, I probably never would have kept up with social media if I didn’t have a smart phone to use while nursing.

Good books
Wonderful passing of time



Coconut oil for EVERYTHING


Dry skin (you OR baby), make up removal, cloth diaper safe diaper cream, cradle cap, rashes, you name it, coconut oil helps with it!

Receiving blankets


For cloth wipes, burp cloths, make up remover pads, head rest for the car seat, butt booster for baby wearing

Lightweight Blankets
Perfect for warm weather

Weekly Emails from Baby Center
I look forward to these, though they aren’t very detailed, they go over developmental milestones.

Jogging Stroller

morning jog with jogging stroller

This was great for getting back into being active. Regular strollers don’t work too well on the road.

Facebook Groups
Essential for newbie questions and venting!

A great camera


To take beautiful pictures of your little one!


My advice for purchasing anything you may need for your little one is to always try to buy used, borrow or home made by Work at Home Mom’s (or make it yourself). It’s amazing how much stuff one little baby needs and saving money is essential, especially if they only use these items for a short time!

I plan on doing a Work at Home Mom series that will feature different items from various WAHMs I have purchased from in the future – so stay tuned!


Parents: What were your 0-3 Month favorites?

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  1. Lyn de Padua says:

    All your research should help a lot of new moms. Did most of your research come on line, or specific books?

    May I add, that coconut oil (which can look like Crisco until it hits warm skin) is excellent for grandma skin, too …and way cheaper than expensive mall store skin products.

    I did a lot of research before having kids, too, which helps any Pre baby anxiety … But in many cases, go with your instincts. And please, please, please give breast feeding a try and make use of the lactation consultants and LLL to help you get off on the right foot, so to speak. It will make all the difference in the world and the benefits to baby and mom are way too lengthy to list. Read up on this, too! No soy bean or cow formula will ever replace the food your own body naturally produces for your baby. And moms milk changes depending on the age of the baby, whether you are in cold or hot climates …. Don’t get me started, just read up omit …

    • bri says:

      Books, but mostly online and talking to other moms! Everything on this list, however, is from personal experience!

      And I agree 100% with BFing! I’m going to make a post about some of the most important topics to research while you’re pregnant or about to have a baby!

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