Summer Maternity Must-Haves *MomNerd Style*

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Finding out you are expecting is the ultimate gift during the holidays.

This time last year, I was still not letting anyone refer to me as “mama” and trying to adjust to the fact that I had a very alien-like human being growing inside of me. I was spending approximately 16 hours a day sleeping and at least 7 hours a day in half asleep zombie mode.

A month later, I had a God complex and would use the excuse, “I’m creating life” for just about anything.

Now, here’s the thing about pregnancy. In most cases, it lasts 9 months.

I know, shocking. I’ll give you a second to let that soak in…

And one more FYI – when you get pregnant in November/December… you’re going to be a giant right smack in the middle of summer.

This realization occurred to me fairly quickly and I dreaded those last few months of pregnancy a little more than usual.

The discomfort, the aches, the pains, the general “over-it” feeling would all be amplified by the sweltering heat of a summer in Florida.

Yet, somehow? I got through it. I even moved into a new house during my last month of pregnancy – having to paint and clean it up first as well.

And I wasn’t even counting down the days until I wasn’t pregnant anymore (much). I loved and cherished every moment.


Here is how I got through a sticky, sweaty, summer of giant pregnancy alive:

Stock up on the right clothes
My personal favorite store is Motherhood Maternity because they had much better prices considering you wouldn’t be wearing these clothes for very long. (Allegedly. If we’re being honest, I still rock my maternity jeans when I’m feeling bloated.)

Here is a list of what I got:

2 pairs of shorts

2 pairs of jeans
Maternity jeans have come a long way, they don’t have to look obviously maternity!

Several long maxi-style dresses
These are PERFECT for summer pregnancy. They look cute, they breathe and you don’t necessarily have to buy them maternity. I went to Ross and found a bunch of cute ones that I still wear.

A few long (cute!) tank tops

Super comfy, light-weight bras WITHOUT underwire
I typically rely on underwire, however when you have a big tummy under those boobs, underwire is the devil. It is also satanish when you’re breastfeeding. Just don’t buy too many because your cup size will likely change post pregnancy when you’re making milk.

A few light weight and cute t-shirts
Try to find t-shirts with cinched sides, it really helps make the belly look cute and they fit a heck of a lot better!

2 maternity yoga pants
These are so heavenly and I can still wear them because they are low waisted. I wore them while working out when I was pregnant as well.

1 or 2 full belly leggings
I splurged on mine and go INCREDIBLE quality leggings from Pea in the Pod. They were silky-smooth, were not see through, full belly comfort and looked super cute with shorter sun dresses.

Sun dresses with empire waists
These also do not have to be maternity as long as it has an empire waist. Trust me, you don’t want anything that isn’t an empire waist. It will never fit right.

Flats, flats, flats
I wore heels in the beginning and middle of my pregnancy, but by the end of it, flats were my BFFs. I also bought a pair of super comfy and cute aerosole flip flops

I actually fit in my pre-pregnancy bikini and rocked that thing til the very end.


A couple of light weight capris

Below-the-knee skirts

A nice maternity dressy-dress
You never know when a special occasion may occur during your pregnancy, like a wedding, for example!

Side Note: I have a personal preference toward maternity bottoms that are full belly (besides yoga pants). They are MUCH more comfortable.

Really long beach towels (because I was big enough that normal sized towels did not wrap around my entire body)

A giant measured and preferably insulated water bottle (keep this stocked full of ice water at ALL times. Water is your BFF during summer pregnancies)

Air conditioning (avoidance is a wonderful strategy. If you can avoid direct sunlight and sticky hot air, then do so if at all possible.)

Access to a pool (Not only will the cool water feel amazing, but not feeling like you weight 8,000lbs is a plus)

Ice pops, snow cones, slurpees, juice smoothies, etc (Ok, so this was a very intense craving of mine, but I also feel like it had a lot to do with the fact that it was summer. I could eat an entire, giant snow cone in record time. I suggest going the healthier route and making your own ice pops out of 100% juice.)



What couldn’t you live without during your pregnancy?


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  1. Lyn de Padua says:

    As always, totally enjoyed this. Funny but really helpful advice.

    How about tips on helping with morning sickness … Which is not necessarily in the morning or just in the beginning of the pregnancy. I remember telling you to listen to your body … If you are tired, rest ( much as possible if you work) … If you are hungry, eat. Sounds simple, but we often push ourselves as we did Pre-pregnancy … And you can’t do that when you’re “creating life” ( your much-used phrase). Be pro active … Always have a snack with you and munch /rest before you get tired and out right hungry.. Drink, as well. Before you feel thirsty.

    Did those preggo pops help? Sounded like a cool idea.

    Oh, and avoid OVER eating … Small meals and avoid heavy, fatty stuff.

    I remember smells doing me in … But it was a different smell with each pregnancy ….

    And ENJOY it …. It really isn’t that long and it is such a wonderful feeling! Having that baby inside you, knowing he/she is always with you. And I know you loved the special attention you got, including parking spaces at Babies R Us

    • bri says:

      Awesome idea, maaam! I managed to all but avoid morning sickness, plus I have a lot of experience with fending off nausea due to my anxiety, so I could definitely write a post on that!

  2. Renee says:

    I do have some of those items! Yay for a head start!

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