Photo Bomb #4 – Roree’s Room

My mom made fun of me while I was pregnant, asking why I never called Roree’s Room a “nursery” or “the baby’s room,” honestly, I have no idea why, but I never really thought of it that way. Also, me not originally being much of a baby-person probably had something to do with it.

Either way, when I first starting thinking about how I wanted to decorate her room, I, of course, knew I wanted it purple and green. I was actually pretty firmly against having it pale purple or lavender. Especially after realizing I was having a girl and my only options were pepto pink or light purple. I started getting sick of that color.

However, when I saw the elephant bed set that I eventually ended up buying, I decided I could make an exception.

I’ve loved elephants ever since I read the book Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti.

To my dispair, by the time I was able to buy the bed set, Babies R Us had discontinued the design.

I couldn’t find it online, and, by chance, one day I saw it in an ad for Burlington Coat Factory. I immediately called to see if I could put it on hold and pick it up, only to find out they sold out of it.

By chance, after one of Roree’s 3D ultrasounds, we went to the Babies R Us in Tampa, and there, on the clearance rack, was the bed set and all the accessories! I bought it immediately.

Since I was 9 months pregnant and completely exhausted from the move, my sisters pretty much put together Roree’s room for me. It was the first room we worked on in the house since I was due any day.

The day we moved in, my sisters put together the crib and the changing table. I pretty much sat by and watched (and took pictures) since my feet were balloons and I could barely walk:

Obviously, this process was taken very seriously. Taina even went to the extent of putting herself in Roree’s place.

Crib or prison?

The assembly of the crib went very smooth, until they had to put together this side. For whatever reason, it would not come together!

So, my sisters called in reinforcements in the form of JT. (Look how they gave up in the background LOL!)

They finally got it.

Time to put the mattress in…

Changing table!

The changing table came with a mini ladder

My sisters surprised me the next day by coming over early and finishing putting together the dresser (there were a MILLION pieces to it) and cleaning the rest of the house for us so that we could move in easily. I may or may not have cried.

We started a really fun process of putting away all of Roree’s adorable clothes.

Kayla putting away a dress she once wore!

Almost done!

The (semi)finished product! The only things these pictures are missing is the big comfy rocking chair that came in weeks after Roree was born.

PS – never buy furniture from Babies R Us, you likely won’t get it until the baby is in college. They lost our first shipment and we had to wait ANOTHER 8 weeks before we got the chair, then ANOTHER 8 weeks before the ottoman came in! In fact, we still haven’t gotten the ottoman.

View from the door

The collage I made out of all the gift bags I received at my baby showers:

The purple basket that says “Roree” on it was actually a basket that my friend April gave to me at my baby shower. She put all of the little gifts she bought Roree in it. SO CUTE!

We hung some of the pretty baby shower cards above the dresser. Eventually those will be replaced with Roree’s artwork.

Finished crib! I love the way the dark brown looks against the pale lavender.

Of course Roree has her own mini bookshelf.

The poem Roree’s cousin wrote for her <3

Back when this was taken, we had our hospital bags and things all ready to go in her closet! I’m so proud of the LACK of pink in her clothing! LOL!



What would be or is the color choices for your little one? Boy or girl?
If I would have had a boy, little Dorian, then I would have definitely made his room colors orange and blue. You know why. ;)



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2 Responses

  1. Lyn de Padua says:

    How much do I love you girls? The way you pull together and help each other. I know I, also, cried, when you and I came into your house on moving day …. And found your sisters there, already exhausted but smiling at your reaction to the finished NURSERY

    Of course we all know, your brother would have helped, had he lived here as well

    Well, ok, maybe not – but Heidi and her girls would have.

  2. Renee says:

    Love it! All of it. Very creative! I thought about trying to re-write our rap for you and Roree today…

    This is what I came up with…

    First of let us tell ya a lil bout we
    Our peeps call us, Roree and Bri
    We gots baby friends that all want to get a playdate
    Were gonna be in big trouble in the teens at this rate
    We got binkies and lots of clothes
    When it’s feeding and nap time you know how it goes
    We funna blow this candle cause we gots birthdays to see…
    Welcome to the life of Roree and Bri

    The End! Love you boo!

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