PHOTO BOMB #1 – A Day In The Life…

I’ve finally decided to “empty” my camera onto my laptop and that means massive photo bombs!

First up is a day in the life of our little family.

Last Saturday, I decided to take pictures throughout the day – just a little photography project – chronicling what goes on during a typical Saturday.

Here’s the result:

As is typical on Saturdays, JT and I got up before Roree. It’s just about 7am, she usually sleeps until 8am.

So we decided to get some housework done.

I did my favorite kind of laundry (diaper laundry)

And attempted to unpack my office a bit (didn’t even finish a box)

JT fed the dogs

straightened up the living room

and did the dishes with Oz

The cats were of no help

We both occasionally checked on Roree, who continued to sleep peacefully, so I decided to get her stuff ready for the day.

I picked out her outfit for the day

then packed her diaper bag for the trip to the Farmer’s Market

Grabbed the Mei Tai and her carseat and set it on the couch so we were ready to go right after she ate.

Lunah observed from atop the couch cushions. Judging.

Guess who finally woke up!

She’s the happiest baby in the morning :)

Daddy and Oz changed her diaper.

Then it was time for boo while JT got ready for the day

It was my turn to get dressed, so JT and Roree had a nice conversation


Oz just hung out on the bed.

Time to get the tools ready so as not to scare Farmer’s Market people.

The usual suspects: foundation, powder, blush, shadow, liner, mascara, brushes…

Only did a ponytail, so the hair tools were simple: hair brush, cheap hair spray and a teaser brush:

Side note: I’ve had that brush for YEARS. For some reason it feels really weird to use any other brush besides that one. It will be a sad day when I either lose it or it bites the dust.

JT and Roree observed while I did my hair and makeup

All done!

An impromptu family mirror portrait

and then JT is off to play with Roree while I get some work done.


A pug needs some attention first

Playtime with Daddy can resume

while I hop on the laptop and hammer out some work while we wait for the Farmer’s Market to open at 10am.

I ask JT to dress Roree in the outfit I set out for her while I work a bit, and this is what he comes back with…


I fix her headband, then we’re ready to head out.

Packing her into the car is always an adventure since both the diaper bag and her carseat weigh a million pounds.

But it’s ok cuz I make JT do it.

I have the red egg ready in case of cryface emergency, but Roree is surprisingly pleasant on the way to the Farmer’s Market.

Time to unload and get Roree into the Mei Tai so we can wander around.

It was nice and cool out, which was a nice change for once, and Roree slept like… well, like a baby in the Mei Tai. I got a lot of comments on it – everyone seemed to really like the idea of wearing the baby – as if it was a new concept or something. It made me feel proud, but also a little sad that others never even heard of such a thing.

Farmer’s Markets around here are nothing like they are back in Pinellas County. They are lackluster in comparison, but I’m just glad we have them at all… even if it is in an abandoned K-Mart parking lot as opposed to a beautiful courtyard in the middle of downtown :/

There was adorable live music in the form of The Youngest Heavy Metal Band full of 9 and 11 year olds

And yummy homemade jam stand that was manned by a 12 year old girl who talked to me about breastfeeding… which was awkward.

On the way home we picked up some lunch (there wasn’t any food vendors at the market like we’d hoped)

Then it was home again, where I fed Roree while working thanks the the My Brest Friend.

After her lunch, she played in the bouncy seat next to me while I worked and explained to her what I was doing

Then, it was time to hang out with Daddy

while I got more diaper laundry done

Then it was back to work while Leo stood guard at the window

Break time!

Delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I’d made a few days ago and refrigerated the dough

One for JT

And two for me ;)

A little while later we had visitors!

My sister stopped by for a bit with her kids.

Lunah was happy

So was Roree

After they left it was back to work for me! I had an interview the following Monday, so I needed to update my printed portfolio. Something I hadn’t done in years.

I took a very short break for dinner (so short I don’t even know what I had) and then it was back to work

Lunah kept me company while JT and Roree watched movies

The night concluded with angry baby bath time :)



What is your typical Saturday like? If you have kids, how has it changed?
Our Saturdays have changed in a lot of ways since having Roree mostly because we work around her schedule. I can’t just power through a working Saturday, I have to take frequent breaks to feed her … and JT usually ends up watching her most of the day if I’m working. Also, since we’ve moved, we don’t go to as many events anymore. Partially because we have a new baby, but also because we get so little done during the week that most of it needs to be done on the weekends.

However, we do make sure we do something fun at least once over the weekend, and luckily with my sisters nearby and our parents willing to come visit, we can spend time with them.

Biggest change, however, is that our Saturdays end at 9pm as opposed to 12 or 1am these days.



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  1. Lyn says:

    So sweet …what a family! Somehow you find a way to lead an interesting and full life .. Even in the Hill

    Frustrating, tho, I can’t save these pix on my iPad this time …

    All this activity and the fact that you explain all that you are doing to Roree will make her that much more bright …

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